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Tips and Tricks 2: Reversing code ordering

    So, you’ve configured Numberator to generate a sequence of codes that meets your requirements in every respect but one – the order in which they appear in the output file. Perhaps your codes are numeric and Numberator is generating them in ascending order but you require them in descending order?

    Fortunately, Numberator provides a very simple means for you to reverse the order that it outputs codes and that is to reverse the order of the characters you type into the allowable characters edit box.

    For example, to generate four digit decimal codes, type 0123456789 into the allowable characters box and select four from the code length drop down. If you click the continue button and download the codes, you will notice that they appear in ascending order of numerical value (assuming, of course, that you did not select a random output order).

    To reverse this order, type 9876543210 into the allowable characters box and click the continue button. You will now see that the codes appear in descending order of numerical value.