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What features are we working on?

    Here’s a quick insight into what we’re currently working on for future releases of Numberator:

    – Ability to enter an upper and lower range for the codes generated. For example, you may want to generate random five digit codes just between 10000 and 99999. It will also work with alpha chars, e.g. AACCCC to AAEEEE – which takes a little more getting your head round! We’ll be creating a separate tutorial blog on this powerful feature once it’s launched.

    – Store/upload previously generated code batches and feed them back into new batch jobs to ensure the code uniqueness follows across all of the batches generated.

    – As well as specifying patterns which can put prefix and suffix characters in the code, you will also be able to specify entire strings which can appear before and/or after each code.

    – The output file is currently a simple list of numbers – soon you’ll be able to generate JSON and XML files and database scripts containing your codes so that you can import them directly into your own data stores.

    We’ve got lots more in the pipeline, and we’ll let you know as soon as each feature is released.

    If you’ve got a feature which you think would be really useful both for yourself and the wider community, please submit a feature request here.